Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Megan Mobley

Meet 18-year-old Megan Mobley of Centerville. She was raised in her familyâ??s own cattle farm. Her father and older brother have always been interested in cattle and have passed down that agricultural interest to her.

â??My dad gave me my first calf when I was six years old. I bottle fed and raised her. Heâ??s given me other calves to take care of so Iâ??ve gotten use to them.â??

Megan has been showing cattle since she was in the 4 th grade through 4-H. She has shown them only at the Appanoose County Fair and has won Reserve Champion and Champion. Megan says behind all of that is dedication and hard work.

â??You have to work with them every single day because if you donâ??t, they can get a little frisky. So I just work with them everyday no matter what I do so they can get use to me and I can get use to them.â??

Over the years Megan has also shared some funny moments with her cattle.

â??I was showing at the fair once, my brother was with his steer and my dad was helping me with mine. I donâ??t know what happened, one of them got spooked and both of them ran of. Mine ran fast and took my dad on a bit of a ride. It took us 2 hours to get them back in their pen.â??

Megan is now going away to college and has to leave her cows behind, but says that agriculture will always have a special place in her heart.

â??Itâ??s showed me to communicate with animals. Itâ??s showed me to take care of them. I love animals and love to take care of them.â??

Megan is also involved in soccer and her high school marching bandâ??s color guard. She will be going to Indian Hills Community College this fall then to Iowa State where she will be studying psychology to become a counselor.

Congratulations Megan on being this week's Ag Kid.