Meet this week's Ag Kid: Miranda Coulson

Meet 16-year-old Miranda Coulson of Green City. When she was 9 years old, she got involved with the Green City 4-H Workers group showing rabbits and doing projects in sewing and photography. Then when she was a freshman at Green City R-1, she joined the Green City FFA and thatâ??s when her interest in agriculture really took off and has loved it since.

â??Itâ??s one of the greatest decisions Iâ??ve made," Coulson said. "Itâ??s my favorite extra curricular activity. Iâ??ve learned more in this club than anywhere else in school. Itâ??s done so much for me.â??

In the past three years Mirandaâ??s main project has been horticulture and grows mums in the summer and sells them in the fall. She keeps track of her plants in her record book and has received much recognition at the Missouri FFA State Convention. It has required a lot of responsibility and tender loving care but Miranda says itâ??s all worth it.

â??You see people buying them and you see them in yards around town. You get a good sense of pride,â?? Coulson said.

Miranda said she has been able to have some favorite moments planting over the years.

â??Iâ??ve always planted with my mom, but Iâ??ve never realized how much Iâ??ve had enjoyed it. I always want to go to the greenhouse now and help out. Itâ??s great to see them go from little mums to big mums.â??


Miranda plans to keep agriculture in her life and has learned so much from it.

â??Agriculture has changed me to grow as a person. Itâ??s helped to push me and go further and become more confident. You meet a lot of people and they are all sincere and hard working. I definitely want to continue in the field,â?? Coulson said.

When not in the greenhouse planting, Miranda is the acting second Vice President for her FFA club and on the marching bandâ??s dance team. She plans to go to Mizzou for college and study animal science to become a veterinarian.

Congratulations Miranda on being this week's Ag Kid.