Meet this week's Ag Kid: Rayann Schoonover

17-year-old Rayann Schoonover own about 60 of them and just loves being around them.

Meet 17-year-old Rayann Schoonover of Green City. Agriculture came to her later in life. About four years ago her parents began having a big interest in raising chickens and liked the idea. Today Rayann and her family own about 60 of them and she just loves being around them.

"What I like most about chickens is that you walk outside and they're out there scratching out in the yard. They're peaceful and easy but hard to take care of at the same time, especially in the winter. But in the summer, you just let them go," Schoonover said.

Rayann is a member and Treasurer of the Green City FFA. For the past two years, she has shown her chickens at the Sullivan County Fair where she has won 1st Place. But behind all that recognition is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Rayann to take care of her chickens.

"In the morning around 7, you take then corn and make sure they have clean water and let them go throughout the day. When I get home, we gather the eggs. In the evening, we shut them up so we don't have predators get them," Schoonover said.

Rayann has also shared some memorable and funny moments.

"Sometimes we'll catch worms and throw them out in the pen. They fight over them and chase each other," Schoonover said.

Rayann says agriculture has taught her so much and has become a big part of her life.

You get to meet so many new people and experience how other people live and how they are affected by agriculture. It helps you grow as a person," Schoonover said.

Rayann also raises goats and when not with her chickens, likes to spend time with her family and go fishing.

She is planning to go to college after graduation to become an occupational therapist and wants a chicken farm of her own someday.

Congratulations Rayann on being this week's Ag Kid.