Meet this week's Ag Kid: Sarah Sites

Meet 17-year-old Sarah Sites of Memphis. Agriculture has been a big part of her life since she was born due to her parentsâ?? strong background in agriculture. But it was her older siblings who inspired her to raise and show cattle and hogs since she was only 8. Today she considers her farm animals a part of her family.

â??They are like my life because if I came home to no animals, I wouldnâ??t know what to do. You can come up here and talk to them and they brighten up your day. Itâ??s something I love,â?? Sites said.

Sarah is the President of the Memphis FFA and is a member of the Azen Jolly Timers 4-H group. She has competed and shown her cows and pigs at the Scotland County, NEMO and Putnam County Fairs and has won Grand Champion and First Place on various occasions. Behind all that recognition there is a lot hard work and responsibility for Sarah.

â??I get up every morning at 7 and Iâ??m out choiring by 7:30. I give a half a bucket to my steers and check on my pigs. I make sure the water is ok and clean. Making sure they got hay,â?? Sites said.

Over the years, Sarah has also been able to share as well some funny moments with her animals.

â??It teaches you. It makes you grow up. It teaches you about animals and how to treat them,â?? Sites said.

Sarah said she is proud to be a farm girl and plans to keep agriculture in her life.

When not on the farm, Sarah does wood projects and is on the track team at school. She plans to go to college to study Ag education and become an Ag teacher.

Congratulations Sarah on being this week's Ag Kid.