Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Savannah Tayler

18-year-old Savannah Tayler is a fourth generation farmer and loves cows and goats. She is this week's Ag Kid.

Meet 18-year-old Savannah Tayler of Milan. She is a fourth generation farmer due to her dadâ??s strong background in the cattle business and helping out on her familyâ??s farm. Last year she wanted to do something different and decided to start raising and showing goats.

She says they are cool and awesome animals.

"Theyâ??re just cool. They have their own personalities. I just like them. They are their own person. They're really spunky. I really like them a lot. They're funny,"Tayler said.

Savannah is a member of the Milan FFA and Green Hills 4-H Group. She has showed her goats at the NEMO, Sullivan, and Missouri State Fairs and has won Reserve Champion and has won the Beef Production Award with her cows. But behind all that recognition is a lot of hard work from Savannah to take care of them.

"On an everyday basis, food and water all the time. Check and make sure nothing is wrong with them. With the goats, they're at risk to many illnesses, so you got to keep a good watch on them. You got to work the cows,"Tayler said.

Savannah has also had the chance to share some funny and memorable moments with her animals.

"When I was younger, I was showing a heifer. We always show with rope halters. She was doing good in the ring. We switched out before we go in with a chain halter. She wasn't used to that and she takes off across the arena,"Tayler said.

Savannah says agriculture has done a lot for her and doesnâ??t know where she would be without it.

"Itâ??s taught me the definition of hard work. I've been able to meet so many people through FFA. It's showed me that nothing in life comes easy and that you have to work hard. The farm teaches you that,"Tayler said.

When not with her cattle and goats, Savannah loves to play sports, trapshooting, and hunt. She hopes to go to the University of Missouri next year to continue her Ag Studies.

Congratulations Savannah on being this weekâ??s Ag Kid.