Meet this week's Ag Kid: Shaelyn Scoon

Meet 13-year-old Shaelyn Scoon of Lancaster. Her background in agriculture dates all the way back to her familyâ??s long history of raising and showing dairy cattle and was passed down to as soon as she could walk. She loves all of her 300 cows and says they are the best friends anyone could ask for.

â??I love being around them. They are easy to work with. You can raise them. They are pretty much family. When you grow up with them, they become special to you," Scoon said.

Shaelyn was born with only one hand, but she hasnâ??t allowed that to stop her from all she has accomplished. Along with the Downing 4-H Group Shaelyn has shown her cattle at the local, state, and national levels and has won 1st Place, Supreme Champion, Showmanship, and Jr. All-American. Behind all that is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Shaelyn, but she says itâ??s all worth it.

â??You come out at least twice a day walking them for 15-20 minutes, feeding them, watering them, and keeping hay around, feed milk to the bottle calves. It is hard work, but I rather do this than anything else," Scoon said.

Shaelyn and her cows have also had the chance to share some funny moments on various occasions.

â??It was winter, my mom and I went to go check on the cows. We opened the gate and went through, and my mom left the gate opened since no cows were around. Then all of a sudden, a load of cows came running through. I take off running after them. It was cold with snow on the ground, and I ran out of my socks and shoes," Scoon said.

Shaelyn says agriculture has given her wonderful and amazing experiences and hopes future Ag kids will want to be a part of it.

â??Do it. Agriculture is a lot of fun. I love it. You can do anything you want in the world. Just put your heart into it and you can accomplish it," Scoon said.

When she is not on her dairy cattle farm, Shaelyn spends her free time riding horses and playing softball. She is planning to join the Schuyler County FFA in high school and hopes to attend college in either Iowa State or to Northwest Missouri State to further her Ag studies.

Congratulations Shaelyn on being this week's Ag Kid.