Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Stephanie Houser

Meet 18-year-old Stephanie Houser of Eddyville. Her parents own the popular Eddyville Market in town for about a year. Agriculture is something that she became interested in later in life.

â??I was going to go into nursing until my parents got this place, now ag business is something I want to do. I help with book work and stuff.â??

Stephanie is a member of the Eddyville-Blakesburg Agri Power FFA with her project in food processing. She loves her job of working in the market but says there is a lot of responsibility behind it.

â??You donâ??t just show up to work, you have to actually care about the work. You donâ??t want people getting sick. You have to make sure food and water are at the right temperature. You have to make sure everything is cleaned just right and sanitized.â??

Despite the hard work, Stephanie said her customers make her job all worth it.

â??The customers during lunch, theyâ??re a lot of fun. Itâ??s never a dull moment. Theyâ??re really relaxed and loose. They open up and make jokes.â??

Stephanie said she has learned a lot about agriculture and wants to continue with it.

â??Everything is agriculture. If you want food...itâ??s agriculture. You want to know the background on how things are made and put onto the dinner table.â??

Stephanie said after her graduation this upcoming spring, she plans to got to college to study business. Her parents hope she will own the store one day.

Congratulations Stephanie on being this week's Ag Kid.