Meet this week's Ag Kid: Storm Bugh

16-year-old Storm Bugh of Edina

Meet 16-year-old Storm Bugh of Edina. When he was 9 years old, he got involved with the Baring County Liners 4-H Group showing rabbits and cattle. Then when he was in 8th Grade, he decided to bring his love of horses and his new interest in sheep to show for the Knox County FFA. He is just an animal lover.

"Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something with agriculture and animals. Animals are a whole other creature. You are having a rough day, they'll listen to you," Bugh said.

In the past seven years, Storm has shown his horses and sheep at the Knox, Scotland, NEMO, and Missouri State Fairs and has won awards such as 1st Place, Reserve Grand Champion, and Grand Champion. It has required a lot of responsibility, but Storm says itâ??s all worth it.

"I get up every morning and feed my horse and the sheep. You have to have responsibility. This is your pride and joy. You have to be the best before they can be the best," Bugh said.

Over the years, Storm has also shared some funny moments with his animals.

"I had a powerful lamb. I was racing him on a hill. He fell backwards on to me, and we tumbled down and landed in the mud," Bugh said.

Storm says it has been his family, friends, and mentors have helped him to learn so much and appreciate agriculture.

"It teaches you responsibility. It teaches you what you are going to do in the world, and the things you like and want to pursue in your future career," Bugh said.

When not on his farm taking care of his sheep and horses, Storm likes to play basketball and ride four wheelers. He plans to go to either the University of Missouri or the Northwest Missouri State University for college and study to become a veterinarian.

Congratulations Storm on being this week's Ag Kid.