Meet this week's Ag Kid: Tasha Eggleston-Wood

Meet 15-year-old Tasha Eggleston-Wood of Memphis. Sheâ??s been a farm girl as long as she can remember and is a third generation farmer after her mom and grandmother. She has shown every animal from rabbits, pigs, dogs, and cattle but her favorite one of all is sheep. She considers them her buddies.

â??They just fit with me, Iâ??m kind of weird and theyâ??re kind of weird. We like being around each other," Eggleston-Wood said. They like coming up to you. You donâ??t know what to expect from them, theyâ??ll just do it.â??

Tasha is a member of the Memphis FFA and Azen Jolly Timers 4-H group. She has competed and shown her sheep at 16 different shows including the Scotland County, NEMO, and the Missouri State Fairs and has won First Place on various occasions. Tasha says behind all that recognition is a lot of responsibilities and hard work to prepare.

â??When you are trying to get them into the bracing stage so they will show their muscles, you have to work with them until they push on your leg or show themselves for you,â?? Eggleston-Wood said.

Tasha has also been able to share some funny moments with her sheep.

â??The first year I showed, we were trying to catch them one morning. They got on top of the shed. One jumped on top of me and I caught the one at the exact same time," Eggleston-Wood said. "It was painful but it was fun.â??

Tasha said agriculture has done so much for her she plans to keep it in her life.

â??You just realize that all your food comes from farmers. You also realize that agriculture helps out a lot of people and it is a lot of fun,â?? Eggleston-Wood said.

When not taking care of her sheep, Tasha plays softball and is on the Scotland County 4-H Council. She plans to go to Mizzou for college and study agriculture.

Congratulations Tasha on being this week's Ag Kid.