Meet this week's Ag Kid: Tate Snyder

11-year-old Tate Snyder was born and raised around both pigs and horses. He is this week's Ag Kid.

Meet 11-year-old Tate Snyder of Green City. Agriculture is a big part of his familyâ??s life. His mom grew up with pigs while his dad grew up with horses. Being an only child, he was born and raised around both animals and enjoys being around them to this day. Not only does he consider pigs and horses pets but also his best friends.

â??You get to ride and compete with other people and make new friends. Some people say theyâ??re messy, but theyâ??re not. You get to do a lot with them and interact with them really well,â?? Snyder said.

Tate is a member of the Green City 4-H Workers. For the past four years, he has shown his pigs and horses at the NEMO, Sullivan County, Putnam County and Missouri State Fairs and has gone home with Grand Champion, Showmanship, 1st Place, and other numerous awards and recognition. But behind all of that is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Tate to take care of his animals.

â??Well itâ??s really important to have feed and water. I have to wake up at 5 a.m. Then I get up at 6 and go feed my pigs and check my horses and make sure everyone has water,â?? Snyder said.

Despite all the hard work, Tate has a lot of fun with his pigs and horses and has shared some memorable moments.

â??With one of my horses, I got threw up in the air like an upside-down frog. With my pigs, at the fair in Milan I rode a pig backwards through the whole arena and fell off,â?? Snyder said.

Tate says agriculture has done so much for him and wouldnâ??t trade it for anything else.

â??Itâ??s a very fun activity. It may look hard, but once you get into it and make it a routine, it will get easier,â?? Snyder said.

When not with his pigs and horses, Tate likes to play basketball and do martial arts.

He is planning to join the Green City FFA in high school and hopes to be become a veterinarian and have a farm of his very own when he grows up.

Congratulations Tate on being this week's Ag Kid.