Meet this week's Ag Kid: Taylar Eggleston-Wood

15-year-old Taylar Eggleston-Wood of Memphis

Meet 15-year-old Taylar Eggleston-Wood of Memphis. Agriculture has been a big part of her life since she was born and is a third generation farmer after her mom and grandmother. She has shown every animal from pigs to rabbits, sheep, and dogs, but her favorite one of all is cattle. Cows have been her first agriculture love, showing them since she was only four.

â??Thatâ??s was the first animal I showed. I didnâ??t show sheep. I didnâ??t show pigs. I didnâ??t show anything but cows my first year,â?? Eggleston-Wood said.

Taylar is a member of the Memphis FFA and Azen Jolly Timers 4-H group. Every year for the past six years, she has competed and shown her cattle at 16 different shows including the Scotland County, NEMO, and the Missouri State Fairs and has won Champion Overall and First Place on various occasions. Behind all that recognition, is a lot of time management, hard work and responsibilities for Taylar.

â??If I have time before school, I check them around 6:30 or 7 a.m. I have to make sure they have water and feed them every morning and night," Eggleston-Wood said. "The night before the shows we pack our show box and get everything ready to go.â??

Taylar has also been able to share some funny moments.

â??At the NEMO Fair, a judge confused me for my twin sister as I was showing a cow. Later on he realized there really was two of us and that we were really twins,â?? Eggleston-Wood said.

Taylar said she is proud to be a farm girl and plans to keep agriculture in her life.

â??Itâ??s been in my family for years so Iâ??m always going to stick with it. I enjoy it. I just love being outside all the time,â?? Eggleston-Wood said.

When not on the farm, Taylar does community service and is on the A-Honor Roll. She plans to go to college in a few years and study agriculture.

Congratulations Taylar on being this week's Ag Kid.