Meet This Week's Ag Kid: Tayler Sammons

Meet 18-year-old Tayler Sammons of Eddyville. Agriculture is something she knows well since she was a kid. Her two loves are horses, which she has been riding since she was 2-years-old, and cattle thanks to her grandfather who helped her become a farm girl.

â??We just went out and did chores all the time and hung out with him. We road the tractors and went everywhere on the farm. Horses and cattle are just interesting and fun to me.â??

Tayler has shown her cattle and horses at the Southern Iowa and the Iowa State Fairs has won over 100 trophies and ribbons including Showmanship and Grand Champion titles. Behind all that recognition, Tayler says is a lot of hard work and responsibility.

â??Itâ??s very demanding and it takes a lot of time. You have to make time. You start off with little calves then you raise them to get bigger calves that are tamed and donâ??t drag you. Itâ??s an all year thing.â??

Tayler says she trains for her animals ahead of time before the fairs and the crowds due to a lesson she learned in a funny way.

â??We were at the county fair, leading them to get weighed in. These two little kids came up and spooked the calves. The next thing I know, my dad is on his back getting dragged across the fairgrounds. It was a crowd pleaser.â??

Tayler is the President of the Eddyville-Blakesburg Agri Power FFA and says the group has helped her to grow in the field of agriculture.

â??Itâ??s helped me a lot due to our Ag advisor, who is awesome. Without him our group wouldnâ??t be where we are. He encourages us. We have been to a lot of competitions. Itâ??s helped me with my public speaking. Being around my FFA group gives me a great feeling and itâ??s prepared me a lot for the future.â??

When not on the farm, Tayler likes to participate in National Honors Society, track, softball, and basketball. She plans to go to Indian Hills College in the fall to study business and continue in agriculture.

Congratulations Tayler on being this week's Ag Kid.