Meet this week's Ag Kid: Thomas Watt

14-year-old Thomas Watt's family has a strong background in the cattle business, but decided he wanted to raise pigs.

Meet 14-year-old Thomas Watt of Green City. Agriculture has been a big part of his familyâ??s life due to their strong background in the cattle business. But two years ago, Thomas decided he wanted to do something different and started to raise pigs. Thomas says pigs are easier and considers them his pals.

"They just get to know you. By the end of the season when we are done showing for the year, they are like a dog. They just follow you everywhere," Watt said.

Thomas is a member of the Green City 4-H Workers. For the past two years, he has shown his pigs at the Sullivan and Putnam County Fairs and has won Grand Champion and 1st Place. But behind all of that is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Thomas to take care of his pigs and prepare them for the shows.

"Every day you have to wash them so they can get use to you. You give them treats like cookies and marshmallows. You have to work with them so when they go into the show ring, they donâ??t run everywhere and go where you want to," Watt said.

Thomas has a lot of fun with his pigs and has shared some memorable moments.

"Last year we had this one pig and every time we went out to fill they water pans up, he would flip them over. We named him Flipper," Watt said.

Thomas says agriculture has taught him so much and appreciates it.

"If something gets hard, don't give up. You have to keep on trying until you get it right," Watt said.

When not with his pigs or helping his family out with their cattle, Thomas liked to trap shoot or do some woodwork. He is also high involved on the basketball and baseball teams at school

He is planning to join the Green City FFA when he starts high school this upcoming fall.

Congratulations Thomas on being this week's Ag Kid.