Meet this week's AG Kid: Vanessa Snyder

Vanessa Snyder

Meet 17-year -old Vanessa Snyder of Kirksville. She has been involved with showcasing hogs since she was 13 years old. She grew up in her own family farm and was mostly around farm animals such as cows and horses. When she got involved in 4-H, she wanted to do something different. That was when her interest in hogs and pigs began.

I just wanted to do something else besides the stuff that goes inside the 4-H buildings at the fair. Snyder said. I wanted to show an animal and I just though pigs would be really fun. I have really enjoyed it so I just kept on doing it.

Over the past 4 years, Snyder has received many awards and recognition for her involvement in showing pigs.

I TMve only showed my pigs in Kirksville. Over the years, I have gotten multiple trophies for Champion and Reserve Champion. I TMve gotten Showmanship a few years ago. I TMve gotten 1st. You get a lot of things with them.

Snyder says that raising pigs require a lot of time and hard work.

You can completely raise it yourself or you could buy it from someone. Normally, you want to buy it in January, February, or March when it TMs not too big. You just raise it up until the fair and you just show it at the fair. At home, you got to take care of it everyday and make sure they have food and water. If it TMs hot, you got to water them everyday. You just work with them and play with them that way when you show them, they just don TMt run off or whatever.

Snyder has had some funny moments with her hogs.

They just make me laugh all the time. I remember one time, me and my friend were just out playing with them and watering them. One just went under both our legs and we ran around the pen with the pigs. We got all muddy. It was just really fun.

Other than 4-H showcasing, this junior from Kirksville High School likes to play sports like softball and managing a football team. She has future goals of going to Mizzou for college and wants to become a kindergarten teacher.

I really want to become a teacher. I TMve always liked kids. I TMve helped raised four of my siblings. I just have a lot of fun with it.

Congratulations Vanessa on being this week TMs AG Kid.