Meet this week's Ag Kid: Winston Besgrove

Meet 16-year-old Winston Besgrove of Kirksville. He has been around agriculture since he was a kid growing up on his familyâ??s farm. As a kid he was also introduced to cattle. To this day, it is all he knows and loves.

â??Pretty much where I come from, you get introduced to them so you donâ??t get scared. You can help out and contribute. Itâ??s something Iâ??ve gotten use to. You just need to get to know them,â?? Besgrove said.

Winston is a member of the Kirksville FFA. He has competed and showed his cows at the NEMO and the Missouri State Fairs and has won awards such as Grand and Supreme Champion. Winston said there is a lot of responsibility and hard work to taking care of his prized cows.

â??Cattle are a full time job year round, thereâ??s no holiday on these,â?? Besgrove said. "They canâ??t take care of themselves. You got to make sure theyâ??re alright and check on them to make sure they are not tearing up anything.â??

Winston has also had the chance to share some funny moments with his cattle.

â??My uncle took the clippers and buzzed my cow in the middle of its forehead right before I showed. Everyoneâ??s was groomed up good while mine looked goofy,â?? Besgrove said.

Winston is planning keep agriculture in his life and wants continue to raising cattle.

â??Agriculture is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Iâ??ve learned so much about the business and marketing. Itâ??s also taught me to be responsible in life,â?? Besgrove said.

Along with being on the farm with his cows, Winston likes to play football and play on the schoolâ??s varsity team.

He is planning to go and join the Marines after he graduates from high school.

Congratulations Winston on being this week's Ag Kid.