Meet this week's Ag Kid: Zakary Payton

9-year-old Zakary Payton is into pigs and hogs in his first year in 4-H. He is this week's Ag Kid.

Meet 9-year-old Zakary Payton of Kirksville. He got into agriculture for his love for animals and this past year joined the NEMO Range Hands 4-H Group. He had to pick a project and decided to work on pigs and hogs. He says they are a lot of fun.

"I like to play with them because I like to pet them. They run. They got a lot of bacon in them," Payton said.

This year is Zakaryâ??s first year of showing his pigs. He just recently showed at the NEMO Fair where he won Reserve Champion and is also planning to show them at the upcoming Missouri State Fair. Behind all of that is a lot of hard work and responsibility for Zakary to take care of his hogs.

"I take care of them. I feed them morning and night. I walk them every night for 30 minutes. We calm them down by walking them and feed them Oreo cookies," Payton said.

Despite all the hard work, Zakary has a lot of fun with his pigs and has shared some memorable moments.

"I rode them and I fell off," Payton said.

Zakary says he has learned a lot from agriculture and wants to continue working in the field.

"It's fun. You make projects. You can make any project you want," Payton said.

When not with his pigs, Zakary likes to play basketball and baseball. He also likes horses and is planning to expand his 4-H projects with them.

He is planning to join the Kirksville FFA in high school and hopes to be become a firefighter when he grows up.

Congratulations Zakary on being this week's Ag Kid.