Meeting held to address concerns of Fairfield's storm-water project

The City of Fairfield's Water and Sewer Utilities Committee conducted a meeting at 6 p.m. Monday regarding land acquisitions and easements related to two site locations for a proposed storm-water equalization basin.

The upcoming upgrades and treatment plant improvements are the first phase of what's predicted to be a seven-to-ten year, $17.5 million project. The five-phase project will be done at the Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Plant. Some residents have expressed concerns because the city may have to acquire land from several property owners. City councilman and engineer Daryn Hamilton hopes Monday night's meeting will help answer residents' questions. City appointed contractors will appraise the resident's properties if they are looking to purchase the land.

â??If they feel there is something unfair or the price is not consistent between the two they have the opportunity to go to court with that and then be able to have a independent assessment assigned by a judge and then adjudicated that way,â?? Hamilton said.

He says the last substantial improvements were done back in 1965. The project is supposed to fix some of Fairfield's storm water issues.