Melanoma Monday brings awareness to deadly skin cancer

Back in 1935, you had a 1 in 15,000 chance of getting melanoma. With todayâ??s society that loves to tan, it is a now a 1 in 30 chance to get melanoma in the United States. With the chances of getting melanoma being much higher in this day in age, there are more than 10,000 deaths each year due to melanoma.

Because melanoma rates of soared over the past few decades, education is key for healthy skin. If your family has a history of melanoma, you have a higher chance of getting skin cancer yourself. Preventative measures are the best way to prevent melanoma and other skin cancers and there are options for all different walks of life to fight melanoma.

â??We have wonderful sunscreens now that do a very good job in protecting us. We have sun clothing we can put on that protects us. We have all kinds of opportunities to do recreational patterns play golf go swim in areas that are not in peak time of sun exposure. Peak sun exposure is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. So those are the areas of time that you should really pay attention to,â?? said Lloyd Cleaver, D.O. a Dermatologist at A.T. Still University.

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