Memorial Walk honors life of domestic abuse victim

Memorial Walk in honor of Aneesa Pherigo ended at her final resting place at Shaul Cemetery

Hundreds of people gathered for a memorial walk Wednesday night to honor the life of Anessa Pherigo and raise domestic abuse awareness.

Pherigo was a victim of domestic abuse and was killed by her husband in 2010.

Pherigoâ??s mother spoke to the hundreds of people about her daughterâ??s life that was taken away too soon. Cheryl Brown from the Ottumwa Crisis Center, the main investigator of the homicide case Steve Harris and a domestic abuse survivor also addressed the crowd.

â??We're honored to have the crowd that we have tonight and it is very hot but still weâ??re tickled that we have the crowd that we have. Nobody should have to live in fear and that's the point were trying to get across,â?? said Lisa Johnson, family friend.

â??The most dangerous time is actually ending the relationship so from the outside it looks like that's the solution when in fact it's the most dangerous time so keeping that open to families and friends you know not allowing the batterer to isolate that person. That's what we can all collectively do,â?? said Cheryl Brown, Ottumwa Crisis Center.

The walk started at Schuleyer St. close to where the incident took place two years ago and continued down Mary St. to Pherigoâ??s final resting place at Shaul Cemetery.

Brown said that one in three women will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, please reach out and ask for help.