Mental health redesign in Iowa imminent

It seems to always be in the news, the mental health system.

Tuesday evening the Wapello County Supervisors are meeting to discuss the first steps of forming a three-county region with Appanoose and Davis Counties for the purpose of implementing the regionalization and redesign of the adult mental health and disability service systems.

This comes after all counties in Iowa were encouraged by the Department of Health Services to do so.

The supervisors believe this is the direction that would be advantageous for them to move in.

â??If we thought they would allow us to do this on our own we would do it on our own. We feel like we've put out a pretty good product but we werenâ??t sure that the state was going to allow us to continue that way and this is a way you can kind of get ahead of the curve. In the absolute worst case scenario would have been for the state to step in and say you must form a region and your region will be x, y, z and not have any choice in the matter. So we get a little bit ahead of the curve by doing it this way,â?? said Greg Kenning, Wapello County Supervisor.

Kenning said the next step is to be approved by the DHS.