Middle Eastern culture to come to Southeast Iowa

The Middle East is coming to the Midwest for the 1001 Nights performance in Fairfield Friday.

The performance will showcase Eastern-inspired music, dance, poetry and storytelling.

"I was also inspired by the music and the culture of the Middle East because oftentimes we only hear one side but I've been belly dancing for ten years and part of it is because of the richness of the culture that I started doing it," said Regine Constance.

Constance said people should come out to see the show to be transported to another world of culture. The show is a unique experience that she's sure not many in Iowa have seen before.

"The more I studied this, the more I realized and I actually saw that it's a universal dance, it's not just something that women do over there, it's actually the movements -- women have been doing it for thousands of years," she said.

The show is at 8:30 p.m. Friday at the Futon Shop in downtown Fairfield. Tickets are $7 and cultural food will also be served.