Middle school students start up chess club

Two students at Evans Middle School started up an after school chess club.

Two Evans Middle School students wanted to start up a chess club, so they found a way to make it happen.

Seventh-grader Elijah Jacobs asked his English teacher, Curtis Lundgren, if he would sponsor the club. Then, Jacobs and classmate Jacob Peneueta started a petition, getting the signatures of their fellow students to show there was enough interest. With the principal's approval, another student made posters to put up around school for promotion.

Four weeks in, the club averages about 30 students every week. Jacobs and Peneueta both agree the club is fun for everyone -- chess expert, or not so much.

"You might find out you're really good or you're really bad, it doesn't matter," Peneueta said. "Lots of people are good and bad at chess club, so you might be better than everyone and it's really fun."

"Some people are chess experts here, some people come just because they want to learn how and there are a lot of good people here," added Jacobs. "Basically, [it's] something that everybody can enjoy."

The chess club meets every Thursday from 3-4 p.m.