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      Middle schoolers getting excited about nature at day camp

      It's middle schoolers' turn now to explore nature and discover all it has to offer.

      The Missouri Department of Conservation is holding its annual Conservation Day Camp all this week for sixth through eighth graders.

      These students are also learning about how animals and plants adapt to their habitats, all just in order for them to survive in their environment.

      With this group, instructors go more in-depth with the subjects than they did with the younger students at last week's camp.

      Tuesday the kids learned about flowers and got to dissect them.

      "They learned what the purpose of flower is that is to attract pollinators so the plant can reproduce and learned about all the different parts of a flower," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

      Next, the kids played pollination tag to understand the concept of pollens and flowers.

      The group will also get a chance to have fun with fishing and camouflage games.

      Moore says she and the conservation team have been very happy with this year's group of kids. They're planning to do the Conservation Day Camp again next June.