Milan amphitheater almost ready to go

New Milan downtown amphitheater is almost ready to be used for community events.

A project that took almost a year in the making for one Heartland community is almost ready to be completed.

KTVO was in Milan on this Sunday to see how far their new amphitheater on the downtown square has come.

The amphitheater's stage has been built while the seating area for the audience has been tiered down.

Now all that's left to be done for the amphitheater is to construct a metal structure roof that will surround the stage and install the lighting and sound system.

City officials say it has been a long process, but are very happy with the way things are going with the project so far.

"Our goal is during the period May through September, we like to have one major event on the square each month just to give our residents activities on weekends and draw more people from surrounding communities get to enjoy the Milan community," said Milan City Administrator Jim Onello.

Milan officials are being very hopeful that the amphitheater project will be completed within the next month.

They hope to use the amphitheater for the Sullivan County Relay for Life event coming up on August 17.