Milan C-2 receives five year grant

Milan C-2 School District is making several positive changes, including a new football field.

It is a brand new school year and Milan C-2 School District is making several positive changes including its recently finished football field and track.
Superintendent Kim Johnson, who is going on her second year with the district, applied for a grant with Missouri Foundation for Health to get students healthy.

â??Itâ??s looking at reducing body mass index in students grades K through 8th and were going to be receiving $42,700 per year for five years which would amount to about $213,000,â?? said Johnson. â??Weâ??re looking at exercise programs and weâ??re also working hand in hand with the Sullivan County Health Department looking at some after school initiatives and probably on the weekend as well.â??

Johnson said the school has added $150,000 of technology and have created data teams to analyze the curriculum.

â??(The teams will be ) looking at and analyzing our data for the district and determining where we need to go as far as core curriculum, common core standards and align the curriculum to make sure they meet those common core standards.â??

Johnson said they are looking forward to Fridayâ??s football game on the new field.

â??I love being superintendent at Milan C-2 School District,â?? she said. â??We've had so many wonderful initiatives happening around the school district.â??

This year the school district has 634 students.