Mild weather cuts spending in Ottumwa

An unseasonably warm December has brought next to no snow in the Heartland, which has left Ottumwa's snow plows off the streets.

So far this year, the City of Bridges has seen only one very light snowfall. That makes an impact on the city's spending and road use budget.

"Well, so far over last year, we've saved $70,000, last year at this time, we had two snows, a four-and-a-half inch snow and a seven-and-a-half inch snow, so we had approximately 12 inches of snow on the ground at this time, which we have not had to do this year," Public Works Superintendent Steven Edgington said. "We did have a snow where we had to go out and spread some minor materials, slick intersections and hills, but it was a relatively small amount."

Edgington said that if the mild weather pattern continues through the winter season, the money saved from snow removal will stay in the road use budget. It can then be used for other road work projects, such as street repairs, potholes and maitenance.