Miller Building owner talks about building's future

Chuck Cannaday and his brother have been looking over the old Miller Building on Jefferson and Franklin Street in downtown Kirksville since the original owners, their parents, Charles and Natalie Cannaday both passed away.

Last week, the Kirksville Historic Preservation Committee approved a demolition request for Kirksville Codes and Planning to give the brothers a chance to decide what to do with the building since it is currently vacant and needs to be either remodeled or torn down to build a new structure.

Cannaday said that his father was in the process of trying to sell the place to a party before he passed. In the last year and a half, two more parties have come forward to with interest in the building as well.

The brothers now are just asking for time to wait and see which party will come forward first with a reasonable offer and the money to purchase the building.

"We are moving forward on what we want to do. But it's going to be 30-60 days before my brother, and I make a decision on which way to go and then 30-60 days for those parties to get all the paperwork done for whatever they want to do with it," Cannaday said.

After talking to Cannaday, KTVO went to Kirksville Codes and Planning Director Brad Selby, and he said time wouldn't be an issue as long the city is involved with the plan of action.

"As long as we, the city, are aware there is a sale going to take place. If we have a conversation with the new owner and let us know what their plans are, either for demolition or renovation of the building, we'll work with them to give them the time to get those things done. We welcome anyone willing to put money into the site or building to tear it down or fix it up," Selby said.

Both Selby and Cannaday are hoping that this can be resolved the sooner the better.

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