Miller-Meeks gears up to face Rep. Loebsack this Fall

Supporters of Ottumwa Congressional Candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks held a victory party Thursday evening.

Miller-Meeks won the Republican nomination for the Second Congressional District on Tuesday.

The Ottumwa doctorâ??s victory didnâ??t come as a surprise to many, but her margin of victory did raise some eyebrows.

Miller-Meeks secured nearly 50 percent of the vote in the three way contest.

We asked the candidate if she expected such an easy victory.

â??We were delighted that we won, and we won by the margin that we did, we entered the race just three months ago and our opponent was a formidable opponent a hard worker well respected and a state legislator and had been campaigning for a year,â?? said Miller-Meeks.

She is unlikely to repeat such an easy time of it this fall.

Miller-Meeks now will face a formidable challenge in four time democratic incumbent Congressman Dave Loebsack. Loebsack has twice defeated Miller-Meeks for the 2nd District seat.

Her win Tuesday night also puts her in a position to make history.

Iowa voters have never elected a female to the house or senate.

Republican Senate Candidate Joni Ernst and Third District Democrat Staci Appel also have a chance to end the drought.

We asked the doctor if she thought gender had any bearing on the upcoming race.

â??Absolutely. Iowa never having elected a woman is important from the stand point that we have so many talented capable women that have tremendous achievements and accomplishments I think Iowa is read to elect a woman now,â?? said Miller-Meeks