Millions in grant money available for Missouri Health Centers

Almost $3 million in grants will be available to Missouri health centers in early June.

With the new reforms in health care being implemented in 2014, the money will go towards creating job positions designed to inform people about their healthcare options. These options will also be more accessible than ever before as well. In 2014 you will be able to select a healthcare plan online making it easy to sign up for insurance.

Health centers will have to apply for the grant between May 20 and May 31. Before then, health center representatives will conjure up ideas for the best way for the grant to be implemented in the Heartland.

â??Our brain storming will hopefully come up with a good application for HERSA. We'll also be open to hearing what people in the community want to say or what they would like to see in something like this and we feel like we've always been very inclusive about what our patients think and what their needs are and so we may have some good brain storming ideas leading up to up to the 20th as well from them,â?? said Andy Grimm Northeast Missouriâ??s Health Council Executive Director.

If you would like to voice your opinion, click the link below: