Mime, mask and magic performer entertains children

Fax Gilbert performing one of his acts on Tuesday

Heâ??s the master of mime, mask and magic. On Tuesday morning kids got to experience just that.

His name is Fax Gilbert and he was brought in by the Ottumwa Library Summer Reading Program.

Gilbert creates characters that engage youth audiences and brings out the laughter in kids.

He also creates skits involving volunteers from the audience.

Gilbert has been entertaining audiences for more than 20 years and has performed at 5,000 programs throughout the Midwest.

Ask him what his favorite character is to perform and this is what he has to say.

â??I like all of them, actually. Dr Dawenkey, he's the Dr. that does the transplant. Tony Amino, he's the Dr. that does the -- he's the body builder and he has problems with the kids. And then I do the puppet and I do the robot,â?? said Gilbert.

Gilbert said his favorite part about his act is the spontaneity that comes along with it.

He also brings his act to schools where he focuses on character and bullying and health and wellness to name just a couple.

Gilbert said he has found over the years that itâ??s all about being interactive when it comes to teaching children.