Missing Lockridge man found

Duane Hinkle

The body of a missing Lockridge man was recovered Thursday morning just yards from his front door.

The Jefferson County Sheriffâ??s office had called for volunteers to search for the body of Duane Hinkle, who had been missing January 11.

Law enforcement had previously searched Hinkleâ??s 800-acre farm twice, but apparently snow cover had prevented them from uncovering Hinkleâ??s body.

About 90 volunteers showed up at the Hinkle property Thursday morning to help search, but their services were not required for long.

15-minutes into the effort, Hinkleâ??s body was found a couple hundred feet off the road that runs in front of his property.

KTVO spoke to some of Hinkleâ??s neighbors and they say that rumors are swirling around the death.

However, at this time no cause of death has been determined. The Jefferson County Sheriffâ??s Office says that they will continue the investigation and that an autopsy will be performed.

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