Missouri and feds will pay you to buy green appliances

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is preparing to hand out federal rebates to people who buy energy-efficient appliances and recycle their old ones.

Starting April 19, the agency will award $5.6 million in rebates on specific Energy Star appliances such as dishwashers, furnaces, air conditioners, washing machines and water heaters. Consumers can qualify for up to $575 in rebates by purchasing multiple appliances.

There are some rules. Purchasers must be Missouri residents, and the appliances must be bought in Missouri. Buyers also have to submit proof that the new appliance replaces an old one that has been recycled.

The agency has set up a Web site with details, at

DNR says it expects to issue 48,000 rebates. The program ends when all the rebates are distributed.