Missouri colleges see rise in international students

A growing number of international students are choosing to receive an education from colleges and universities in the state of Missouri.

The Institute for International Education has counted more than 17,000 students from other countries in Missouri's 40 colleges and universities in the most recent academic year. The students are choosing schools in the Show-Me-State because the campuses are typically located in small towns, which make the students feel safer rather than a campus located in a larger metropolitan area. The international students are also choosing schools in Missouri because they have a vast assortment of academic choices.

"I've seen students, international students go forth from here and just like the American students, they find that they are really prepared to excel in their field and they make relationships here that they carry on throughout their life," said Melanee Crist, Truman State Director for International Education.

About one-third of the students choosing schools in Missouri come from China, with students from India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan making up the rest of the top five countries represented.