Missouri Department of Conservation offers community forest grants

The Missouri Department of Conservation is offering grants to improve community forests.

Community forests consist of parks and trees that are located along city streets, and in other public areas. The MDC is hoping the 'Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance' or TRIM Grant that is available will help bring more community forests to the area.

The grants range from $1,000 to $25,000 and can be used to help communities fund tree planting and the removal and pruning of hazardous trees.

"Trees work for the city. They shade peoples homes, they improve property value, they make parks nice, protect the soil and so communities are where the people are. We can really manage those trees well," said Nick Kuhn, of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The deadline to apply for the 'Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance' Grant is June 1st. To find more information on how to apply for the grant, visit the Missouri Department of Conservations website at