Missouri Department of Conservation offers tips to prevent grass fires

Due to recent dry conditions, more and more grass fires have been sparking up lately.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is offering tips to help prevent these fires. Fires can spark easily in dry weather and spread out of control, due to low humidity.

One of the main causes of grass fires in Missouri is what is called escaped debris. That can mean fires that are sparked by people burning trash or by burning brush piles. The Conservation Department also says you should never throw cigarettes out of your car window. Doing so could easily start a fire next to a roadway.

"If you're going to be burning trash, we encourage folks to burn their trash early in the morning when the humidity's are higher, always burn in a closed container, and it's just not a really good time to be going out and burning those brush piles," said Danny Hartwig, of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

If outdoor burning is a necessity, you're encouraged to notify either the fire department or the Missouri Department of Conservation office before doing so. That way, both departments will already be alerted if the burning spreads out of control.