Missouri Department of Corrections donates food to local shelters and pantries

The Missouri Department of Corrections Restorative Justice Garden Program has donated nearly 163 tons of fresh produce to local food pantries and shelters this year.

The La Plata Christian Ministries Food Pantry was one of the local pantries to receive fresh vegetables and fruits from Moberly's Correctional Center.

All of the fruits and vegetables that were donated to the numerous pantries were grown fresh by different members from the Restorative Justice Program.

The food pantry is grateful for the donations not only from the correctional center, but also from different members from the surrounding communities.

"It makes us feel really good because with us being a small community, it's really hard for us to be able to get the donations and things like Kirksville, so it makes it nice to know that farmers and things are behind us," said Stephanie Allen Kelsey of the La Plata Christian Ministry's Food Distribution.

If interested in donating, the La Plata Christian Ministries Food Pantry is always accepting fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and monetary donations.