Missouri Department of Insurance urges consumers to be wary of scams

Watch out for scams when enrolling for health insurance.

Missourians are warned to be wary of scams while discussing enrollment in new health insurance plans.

The Missouri Department of Insurance says that before sharing any personal or medical information. Missourians should first make sure they are dealing with a licensed insurance agent or navigator.

State law requires both insurance agents and navigators to be licensed by the Missouri Department of Insurance.

The department encourages consumers to only provide personal information when they initiate the contact. Be careful when giving out personal information such as medical, credit card, banking or Social Security numbers.

Navigators are licensed to provide fair and impartial information and services about eligibility, enrollment and program specifications of any health benefit exchange operating in this state, including information about the cost of coverage, advance payment of premium tax credits, and cost sharing reductions.

The department also reminds consumers that the annual Medicare open enrollment period is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. Medicare plans are not sold on the new federal health insurance marketplace.

Navigators can provide services to consumers free of charge.

To verify the licensure of a specific insurance agent or navigator, click here or call (573)-751-3518.