Missouri drug task force future uncertain

Funding for Missouriâ??s regional drug task force is at an all time low. Governor Jay Nixon is hoping to provide 3 million for the drug task force next yearr, but after 2014, there are no guarantees where addition money will come from as the federal government continues to decrease funding. Missouri's drug task force hasn't given up hope even with financial uncertainties going into 2015. They are asking the public to call for action.

â??The biggest thing right now is we need people to call our legislators. You know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We don't have people down in Jeff City or in Washington D.C. fighting for us. We don't have those kind of people that are down there keeping the task force to the forefront and we need those citizens out there to make the phone calls to their state and federal legislators and tell them how important this is.â?? Said Chris Brown

If action is not taken by legislators, there could be a price to pay in the way of drugs and crime. New laws and local efforts have curbed drug production, but as drug offenders adapt, drug production usually increases.

â??The methamphetamine labs have come down a little bit, but they're starting to be back on the increase. Weâ??re starting to see the one pot cooker the shake and bake method. Things are starting to come back into circle and when you put laws out there, they're going to find ways around it. So, that's what it kinda did. Itâ??s gone down, but now they're finding ways to obtain their ingredients to cook methamphetamine and its starting to come back up.â?? He said.

If you would like voice your concerns to Missouri legislators, please click the links below.

Sam Graves:

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Roy Blunt:

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Missouri House of Representatives: