Missouri Farmers Care works to pass Farming Rights Amendment

A group of Missouri farmers are in the process of helping to pass an amendment.

The Missouri Farmers Care organization has raised over $200,000 to help pass a Farming Rights Amendment.

Farmers, ranchers, and agriculture supporters from across the state helped to raise the funds.

The Farming Rights Amendment will help to save jobs and defend hardworking farm families. The amendment will also protect the Show-Me-States family farms from out-of-state animal rights groups that have targeted the states agriculture in the past.

The Missouri Farmers Care Organization and the funds were raised to help the hard-working farm families.

"Missouri Farmers Care was founded to help protect Missouri farmers and ranchers from any out of state or special interest groups that might try and come into Missouri and legislate us out of business or put any rules or restrictions on how we as producers do business," said Jennifer Wood, of Missouri Farmers Care.

If interested in donating to help farmers and ranchers in the Show-Me-State, click here for more information.