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      Missouri gets an A for economic development

      The state of Missouri once again for the fourth year in a row gets an A on a nationwide economic development industry report.

      Last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that the Show-Me-State came in at number 9 on the Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States Report for 2013.

      K-REDI Director of Economic Development Carolyn Chrisman said Missouri got the honor due to the state's corporate tax index, unemployment insurance, and electricity costs.

      This is of course good news for not only for the state but also locally for the city of Kirksville.

      "It does continue to put us in a good position to have companies and businesses to come our way. One of the things I think what helped Missouri this time is that the State Legislator this past session passed some legislation and the Governor signed it creating a Missouri Works Program which will bring together all of our incentive and training programs," Chrisman said.

      Chrisman also told us this new program will be easier and better for rural areas like Kirksville.

      Governor Nixon also said last week that the state's focus is to help businesses start, locate, and expand.