Missouri Gov. Nixon seeks Medicaid expansion

Governor Jay Nixons talks Medicaid expansion during his visit to La Plata

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's quest to expand Medicaid to more lower-income adults is getting both support and opposition.

This quest was envisioned by President Barack Obama's healthcare law. However, Republican lawmakers so far have refused to embrace a Medicaid expansion in Missouri.

We spoke with Governor Nixon Thursday about this issue and he tells us he believes the expansion is the right thing to do.

"We believe it's the right and smart thing to do, $2 billion dollars of Missouri taxpayer's dollars are heading to Washington," Nixon said.

"We think those dollars ought to be spent in Missouri, we're clear if we do that we'll not only provide healthcare to about 300,000 working Missourians, but will also get downward pressure on premiums for others and will slow down that cost shift, because what happens with folks that don't have insurance show up and they still get treated, that cost gets laid off on folks that do have insurance."

Nixon says an expanded Medicaid will help 300,000 working Missouri residents move forward and get Missouri tax dollars used in the Show-Me state.