Missouri looking to get more innovative

The Show-Me-State is looking to get a little more innovative when it comes to the world of technology.

Bloomberg recently released a report that ranks Missouri low when it comes to technological innovation.

Dan Hamlet of the Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center in Kirksville says Missouri is making an effort to grow technology use in businesses around the area, but it's been very risky to start.

"The startup of a tech business is much longer so it takes longer for them to get to market and to succeed because there's technology that needs to be proven before they can be commercialized so instead of 2-6 months to start a business, it is 2-3 years to start a business," Hamlet said.

Hamlet says technology businesses should begin small and have a good business plan in place in order for the business to grow.

It also takes community support and resources available to help the business become successful.