76 / 53
      68 / 56
      72 / 58

      Missouri Municipal General Elections April 8, 2014

      Adair County

      Kirksville R-3 School District(Vote for three)

      Greg Gordon 1041Holly Graham Miletich 1015Judy Duden 1125T. Jack Ward 771Nan Davis 1096R-2 Brashear School District(Vote for three)Alissa Garlock 73Traci Hill 78Keith L. Turner 71Kristi Zentz 43R-1 Novinger School District(Vote for three)Richard Morelock 125Danny L. Ellsworth 101Melissa Billington 156Ryan Shawn Parrish 65Sharon R. Barnes 102Rusty Wayman 79Troy Smith 105City of Kirksvillefor Council Member(Vote for two)Michael Ambrosia 736Roger A. Edge, Sr. 379Richard "Rick" Steele 1097Jerry M. Mills 926Question:"Shall the City of Kirksville, Missouri continue to impose a sales tax of one-half cent for transportation purposes which will begin on January 1, 2016."Yes 1325No 384

      City of Novingerfor Alderman At-Large(Vote for two)Tim Cuculich 66Jason Redmon 65Question:"Shall the city of Novinger continue the 35-cent tax levy on one hundred dollars valuation for general municipal purposes for 4 years in the City of Novinger."

      Yes 68No 7

      City of Brashearfor Mayor(Vote for one)Curt Platz 23for Alderman At-Large(Vote for two)Larry L. Childress 19Shirlene Hettinger 24City of Greentopfor Alderman At-Large(Vote for two)Sam Tarr 1Write- In 1Village of Gibbsfor Board of Trustees(Vote for three)Jamie Keller 3Brandy Pflum 2Write-Ins 2Village of Millardfor Board of Trustees(Vote for two)Marc McConnell 5Justin Harris 4La Plata Community Fire Protection Districtfor Board of Directors(Vote for two)Steve Shipp 15Tammy Carmack 7Danny Smithson 13

      Adair County Nursing HomeDBA Twin Pines Adult Care Centerfor Board of Directors(Vote for two)Freda May 1940Write-Ins 165Schuyler County School District No. R-1 of Schuyler, Putnam and Scotland CountiesFor Director(three year term)Julia E. McNabb 508James A. McNabb 484Rob Small 348Michael W. Oberman 494For Director(two year term)Michael Scheib 384Mark Henderson 297For Director(one year term)Dennis Partin 308Ronald McElhinney 396Special School Bond Election-Proposition Safe KidsYes 353No 379City of Lancasterfor Northward Alderman(two year term)John West 44for Southward Alderman(two year term)Paul Reynolds 54City of GreentopAlderman at Large(two year term)Sam Tarr 48WI: Rob Small 2WI: Steve March 10City of Downingfor Mayor(one year term)Alan L. Garrett 40Richard Buford 20for Marshal(four year term)Brett Hayden 39for North Ward Alderman(two year term)Royce Bowens 32for South Ward Alderman(two year term)Derek Bradley 12Charlie Elder 10City of Queen Cityfor North Ward Alderman(two year term)Brenda K. Ellis 22John March 31for South Ward Alderman(two year term)Bill Byrn 23Dennis Partin 8Village of Glenwoodfor Trustees(two year term)Victor E. Farrell 39Kenneth O. Toney 34Kala Fugate 36Putnam CountySchool District No. R-1 of Schuyler, Putnam and Scotland CountiesFor Director(three year term)Julia E. McNabb 2James A. McNabb 1Rob Small 0Michael W. Oberman 0For Director(two year term)Michael Scheib 1Mark Henderson 1For Director(one year term)Dennis Partin 0Ronald McElhinney 2Proposition Safe KidsYes 2No 0Putnam County Board of Education(three year term)James Brummit 351Bradley D. Ream 447Howard Luscan 333Nancy Jones 315WI: Steve Pearson 179WI: Brad Daniels 186WI: Joe Ream 1Putnam County Ambulance District 5Board Member(three year term)David Knight 41Jeff Pauley 77Shawn Hydorn 60Village of LucerneFor Trustee(two year term)Sandra Ross 14Bill Lutze 10Joe Bascio 10City of UnionvilleFor MayorDon Fowler 273For Tax CollectorMashelle Trimble 280For North Ward Alderman(two year term)Bob Lane 46Nancy Jones 65For South Ward Alderman(two year term)Bill Paul 36Carl Burns 139Unionville Special Road DistrictYes 211No 77Village of PowersvilleFor Trustee(two year term)George Roberts 7Jerry Galbreath 7Walter Whitlow 8Village of LivoniaFor Trustee(two year term)David Jonaitis 7Pat Morgan 7Sullivan CountyCity of MilanFor Mayor(two year term)Andy Herington 184Danah Fowler 135For Alderman South Ward(two year term)Ricky Gardner 68For Alderman North Ward(two year term)David Atkins 95For Alderman West Ward(two year term)Nelson G. Ford 84City of Green CityFor Alderman North Ward(two year term)Dorothy Turner 32For Alderman South Ward(two year term)Robert Couch 52City of Green CastleFor Alderman North Ward(two year term)Greg Dobrinske 8For Alderman South Ward(two year term)Jeanna Johnson 21City of BrowningFor Alderman At Large(two year term)Tommy Cordray 11Robert Wood 11Newtown Tax QuestionYes 18No 5Village of HumphreysFor Alderman At Large(two year term)John P Garrison 11Rebecca Dixson McCoy 11Greg McCollum 11Milan C-2 School DistrictFor Board Member(three year term)Marty W Herington 385Bobby R McCully 406Dennis Weaver 358Helen J Leslie 237Shelly Forster 205Vivian M Sinclair 110Green City R-1 SchoolFor Board Member(three year term)Kathy White 79Barbara Littrell 86Wayne Halter 141Trena Jacobs 110Dennis Branstetter 144Bridget Lee 141Putnam County R-1 SchoolFor Board Member(three year term)James Brummit 1Bradley D Ream 1Howard Luscan 1Nancy Jones 1Linn County R-1 SchoolFor Board Member(three year term)Brenda Search 31Racheal Neal 31Chad Gooch 38Nes Allnut 20Sullivan County Memorial HospitalFor Board Member(five year term)Keith Maggart 851Sullivan County Sales Tax QuestionYes 777No 258

      Linn County Question:"Shall the County of Linn continue a county-wide sales tax at the rate of one-half cent for a period of five years from the date on which such tax is first imposed for the purpose of improving and maintaining bridges, roads,and streets in the county, townships, and cities and other capital improvements in Linn County?"

      Yes 1075No 195

      Linn County R-1 School Board Member(three year term)

      Brenda Search 133Racheal Neal 155Chad Gooch 142Nes Allnutt 44

      City of Browningfor Alderman at Large(two year term)

      Tommy Cordray 6Robert Wood 8

      City of Bucklinfor Alderman at Large(two year term)

      Larry G. Daniels 34Leighton Reid 40

      City of Linneusfor City Tax Collector(two year term)

      No Candidates

      for Southward Council Member(two year term)

      Gail Bell Sr.

      Question:"Shall the office of City Tax Collector for the City of Linneus be changed from an elected office to an appointed office?"

      Yes 24No 28for City Tax Collector(two year term)No Candidatesfor Northward Council Member(two year term)No Candidates

      Marceline R-V School DistrictProposition 1

      Yes 416No 75

      City of BrookfieldFor City Council Member(three year term)

      Don Fuhrhop 187Paul W. Frey 118Shawn Sayre 110Todd Bourcard 60Edward Heckman 153

      Proposition B

      Yes 237No 93

      City of LacledeFor Mayor(two year term)

      Joyce Curley 58

      For Alderman at Large(two year term)Shawn Smith 49Russell W. Hobbs 50Gary C. Brown 34

      For Tax Collector(two year term)

      No CandidatesCity of Marcelinefor Council Person(three year term)John Carver 279Perry Wiggins 95for Council Person(one year term)Larry Lockwood 154Jacob Gordon 201Frank Morales 38City of Meadvillefor East Ward Alderman(two year term)

      Marc Zell

      for West Ward Alderman(two year term)

      Ruth Munsterman

      City of Purdinfor Alderman at Large(two year term)Jeremy CoffmanMax Smith

      Macon County General Sales TaxProposition 1Yes 2220No 562General Sales TaxProposition 2Yes 1964No 806Callao Fire Protection District QuestionShall there be incorporated a fire protection district to be known as the Callao Fire Protection District?Yes 106No 51Shall the Board of Directors of the Callao Fire Protection District levy a real estate and personal property tax in the amount of $0.40 per $100.00 assessed valuation on the patrons of the said Fire District?Yes 94No 63Atlanta C-3 School Board(Vote for three)Cory Hatcher 132Suzanne Forquer 115Nathan Young 160Melissa (Grigsby) Cuppy 107Bevier C-4 School Board(Vote for three)

      Mike Brower 137Melissa D. Cole 132Danny Foster 151

      North Shelby School Board(Vote for three)Tim Caldwell 0Donnie Parsons 0Keith Killen 0Tim Shockley 0Shawn McEwen 0

      Macon R-1 School Board(Vote for three)

      William Donald "Bill" Noyes 1038John P. Walker 809Kevin Linear 1020Christian Abernatha 907Corey Moon 340School District No. R-IV of Shelby County Missouri Municipal Election(Vote for three)

      Gary Wear 0Darin Boling 0Lee Wood 0Neal Roetemeyer 0Salisbury School District of Chariton County Missouri(Vote for three)Robert S. Carothers Andrea Binder Maryann Rustemeyer William Pearman Tony SloanDeb EdwardsSchool District No. 1 of Knox County(Vote for three)

      Justin Parrish 0Stacy Harder 0Mark Caldwell 0Matthew Reel 0

      Board of Directors La Plata Community Fire District(Vote for two)

      Tammy Carmack 92Steve Shipp 302Danny Smithson 271Callao Fire District Board of Directors(Vote for one)William D. Cook 71Ryan Walker 10Joshua Bunse 8Shirley J. Techau 38Paul H. Murphy 12

      City of Atlantafor Alderman(Vote for two)Neal Ross 43Bryan Bradley 35City of Bevierfor Alderman(Vote for two)Brenda Jennings 74John Dawson 50City of Callaofor Mayor(Vote for one)Joyce Snodgrass 37for West Ward Alderman(Vote for one)No Candidatesfor East Ward Alderman(Vote for one)Barbara Reed 15City of Elmerfor Alderman(Vote for two)Ed Peavler 8Robin Wahner 5Write-Ins 3City of Ethelfor Mayor(Vote for one)Donald Souther 20for Councilman(Vote for two)Steve Atha 17Jay Shepley 13Write Ins 9City of New Cambriafor Mayor(Vote for one)

      Bob Maddox 26

      for Alderman(vote for two)Wayne C. Kitchen 24Robert Hontz 23City of La Platafor Mayor(Vote for one)Charlie Thompson 125Lois Bragg 165Dustin "Dusty" Sawyer 17for Alderman Ward I(Vote for one)

      Susan Walker 109Sean D. Herron 57for Alderman Ward II(Vote for one)Trent Perry 117City of Maconfor Mayor(Vote for one)Dale Bagley 897for City Collector(Vote for one)Rebecca J. Sims 918

      for City Councilman Ward 1(Vote for one)Ernie D. Lea 273Corey Moon 110for City Councilman Ward 2(Vote for one)

      Jim L. Stevenson 187Nancy Wright 139

      for City Councilman Ward 3(Vote for one)Jerold Carr 86Eddie Troy 36for City Councilman Ward 4(Vote for one)Jerry Thompson 130Village of South Giffordfor Councilman(Vote for two)Dean Aholt 11Cynthia A. Draken 11Write Ins 1

      Knox County

      Proposition AYes 517No 78

      School District No. 1 of Knox County, Mo.(Vote for three)Justin Parrish 391Stacy Harder 317Mark Cardwell 466Matthew Reel 351Adair Co. R-II School District (Brashear)(Vote for three)Alissa Garlock 1Traci Hill 1Keith L. Turner 0Kristi Zentz 1

      Public Water Supply District 1for Office of Director Subdistrict 5(Vote for one)Pat Shultz 259Kay Mallett 92City of Baringfor City Council Member(Vote for two)

      Keli Luthenauer 25Eldon Parrish 20Kay Mallett 4City of Edinafor Mayor(Vote for one)David W. Strickler 149for Alderman First Ward(Vote for one)Renee Edwards 65for Alderman Second Ward(Vote for one)Ron Stansberry 40for Alderman Third Ward(Vote for one)Sid Leckbee 41City of Hurdlandfor Mayor(Vote for one)No Candidates

      for Alderman East Ward(two year term)No Candidatesfor Alderman West Ward(two year term)No Candidatesfor Alderman East Ward(one year term)No Candidatesfor Alderman West Ward(one year term)No Candidates

      City of Knox Cityfor Mayor(vote for one)Roger Dale Roberts 27for Alderman North Ward(two year term)No Candidates

      for Alderman South Ward(two year term)No Candidates

      for Alderman North Ward(one year term)No Candidates

      Village of Newarkfor Board Trustee(Vote for three)Helen Petersen 11Leslie Irons 13Rita Lindsey 13Village of Noveltyfor Board of Trustee Member(Vore for three)Jason Violette 22Kim Hall 22Jerry Lincoln 22

      Scotland County Proposition: Use TaxYes 382No 302Health Department Districtfor Board of Directors(Vote for three)Robert Parrish 263Sue Payne 553Dee Wiley 438Patty Freburg 546Scotland R-I School Districtfor Board of Directors(Vote for three)George Koontz 391Sam Berkowitz 466Joy Alexander 358Jamie Triplett 498Gorin R-III School Districtfor Board of Directors(Three year term)Bob Sears 41Alicia Berry 39for Board of Directors(One year term)No CandidatesProposition: AnnexationYes 49No 13Schuyler County School Districtfor Board of Directors(three year term)Julia E. McNabb 0James A. McNabb 0Rob Small 0Michael W. Oberman 0for Board of Directors(two year term)Michael Scheib 0Mark Henderson 0for Board of Directors(one year term)Dennis Partin 0Ronald McElhinney 0Proposition: Safe KidsYes 0No 0Knox County School District(Vote for three)Justin Parrish 0Stacy Harder 0Mark Cardwell 0Matthew Reel 0City of Memphisfor Mayor(Vote for one)William C. Reckenberg 247for City Marshall(Vote for one)Bill Holland 267for Alderman(vote for one)Tom Glass 77Cathy McBee 72Proposition: Use TaxYes 153No 149

      Village of Arbelafor Board of Directors(vote for three)Mandi Bulen 8Dennis Giberson 9Pat Johnson 8Village of Grangerfor Board of Directors(Vote for two)Jessice Spray 10Katie Lamb 11City of Gorinfor Alderman East Ward(Vote for one)

      No Candidatesfor Alderman West Ward(Vote for one)No Candidates

      Village of Rutledgefor Board of Directors(Vote for three)

      David Herr 19Lewis B. Powell 20Keith L. Zimmerman 15