Missouri National Guard updates history report of post-9/11 deployments

The Missouri National Guard is releasing an updated history of unit activities after 12 years of deployments overseas and mobilizations at home.

â??Since Sept. 11, 2001, the Missouri National Guard has been heavily involved in operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, and other areas around the world,â??said Maj. Alan Brown, Missouri National Guard command historian. â??This report details how our missions evolved, from guarding airports and other sites immediately after the attacks through todayâ??s deployments to Afghanistan.â??

The first compilation of histories of Missouri National Guard unit mobilizations was released in 2011. This yearâ??s report contains information from units who had not participated in past years.

â??Our Soldiers and Airmen recognize that this is the best way to preserve their history,â?? Brown said. â??Because the report is a living document and can be easily updated, we are always able to add information about mobilizations to it.â??

Brown also said that because the Missouri National Guard is still sending Soldiers and Airmen to Afghanistan, the deployment history is an important command tool.

â??Our Soldiers and Airmen are living and making history,â?? Brown said. â??As a historian, Iâ??m honored and privileged to capture that history for future generations.â??

The updated report can be found on the Missouri National Guardâ??s website here.