Missouri One Call urges safety when working outdoors

As the ground starts to thaw out, Missouri One Call is reminding you to use caution and give them a call before digging on your property.

Members of Missouri One Call come out and mark the location of various utilities and underground lines to make sure they're not hit during the digging process. When the site to be dug up is safe, the area will be marked as clear.

Missouri One Call has a traveling trailer that visits both schools and home shows. They set the trailer up with hands-on activities to teach kids why it's important for their parents to be safe before starting any outdoor project.

Representatives are also on hand at home shows where people can ask questions about Missouri One Call and why it's important to call before you dig.

"You don't want to dig into a gas line or electric line or even a communications line. All those have different levels of dangers that go with them," said John Lansford, Missouri One Call Executive Director.

Missouri One Call will be celebrating 'Dig Safely Month' in April, where a number of events are planned. To get in contact with Missouri One Call, call 1-800-DIG-RITE or click here.