Missouri prepares for any disaster

Health department administrators from 16 counties across Missouri and Americorps congregated in Macon to discuss emergency planning. Volunteers often flock to areas afflicted by natural and man made disasters and the majority of the meeting was dedicated to discussions on how to manage those large number of volunteers. When effective plans are in place from trial and error from other disaters, the volunteers can be used more effectively to address the problems at hand.

â??Preparedness is key. Have a plan. Work your plan. When a disaster happens, it's not going to go according to your plan, but at least you have an idea of what you can expect and how to react to it,â?? said Matt Pickerel Emergency Management Agency Planner for the state of Missouri.

â??If they would like to contact their county health department, a lot of us are a lead agency for the new volunteer corps for each county and there's a roll for everybody believe me, someone to just hand out papers. Anything, but we have to get organized,â?? said Judy Rushton Macon County Healthy Department Administrator.

If you would like to help in case of a disaster you can contact the numbers below.

Macon County Health Department: 660-385-4711

Adair County Health Department: 660-665-8491

Schuyler County Health Department: 660-457-3721

Putnam County Health Department: 660-947-2429

Appanoose county health department: 641-437-4332