Missouri pushes for unified jail standards

Jail administrators from around Missouri gathered in Kirksville Thursday to discuss jail standards.

Each sheriff's office in Missouri has acquired different resources throughout the years, so jail standards are usually on a case-by-case basis from county to county. Thursday's meeting offered ideas about jailing practices, protocol and unifying jail standards. While it sounds good on paper, there will be hurdles to get over when it comes to finances, and resources are different in each county. Regardless of the hurdles, Missouri sheriff's offices are determined to iron out the problems together.

â??There's always a need for jail training and because of staff turnover in jails sometimes staff doesn't stay long enough for adequate training or the investment in training becomes wasted because the staff is not there very long and with counties going together sometimes and pooling their resources they can do a better job at providing training at a lower cost,â?? said Joe Weber.

While all the explicit details aren't on paper yet, Weber says Thursday's meeting was a positive step in the right direction.