Missouri receives 'C+' grade when it comes to transparency government spending

The State of Missouri received a C+ when it came to transparency government spending.

State governments across the county have become more transparent about sharing where public money goes. This is the second consecutive year the Show-Me-State has earned a 'C' level grade. The most transparent states provide detailed information on subsidies spent through tax code, economic development subsidies, and quasi-public agencies.

"The standards for state transparency spending increase every year, so the bar rises every year. Missouri does a really good job on a whole bunch of things, but there are some other areas where it still needs improvement," said Phineas Baxandall, a Senior Analyst for Tax & Budget Policy.

The state can improve the transparency grade by improving their spending website. This way, Missourians can see what their tax dollars are being spent on. Click here to visit the state of Missouri's transparency website.