Missouri State Highway Patrol out in full force over the 4th of July weekend

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be stepping up its efforts to enforce traffic and water laws over the 4th of July through Operation C.A.R.E.

Last year during the extended 4th of July holiday weekend there were 4 deaths and 134 injuries reported due to traffic accidents. There are also numerous injuries related to the misuse of fireworks, and the highway patrol urges you to become familiar with the laws pertaining to discharging fireworks in your area.

â??They need to recognize that fireworks are explosive devices and can be dangerous," said Sgt. Brent Bernhardt Public Information and Education Officer. "It is illegal in the state of Missouri to discharge fireworks toward or from any motor vehicle or vessel. It is a very dangerous thing to do sometimes we run across people that are doing that and certainly we will take enforcement action on those.â??

Bernhardt said you can expect a state trooper stationed approximately every 20 miles on every major highway in Missouri during the holiday weekend.

He reminds you that If you plan to drink, be sure to use a sober, designated driver.