Missouri State Highway Patrol urges safety in winter weather

If you're traveling for the upcoming holiday season, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is urging you to be aware that freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow are part of the weather forecast for the next several days.

Last week's winter weather resulted in 10 weather-related traffic fatalities in Missouri in 24 hours.

The Highway Patrol is encouraging motorists to eliminate non-essential travel, or to postpone travel until road crews have had time to treat and clear the roads. It's also important to completely remove snow and ice from your vehicle after a storm, and to allow extra driving time to reach your destination at a slow, safe speed.

"Use extra caution when you are on the roadways this weekend, just because of the slick spots people are likely to encounter. Other things we tell people is to have a winter survival kit, make sure they have warm blankets in the car, and make sure your tires are really in good shape. Not worn from the summer, but you know if they need to be replaced, replace them now before the weather moves in," said Andy Bailey, a National Weather Service Meteorologist.

Bailey says driving in winter weather can be stressful, and drivers should be reminded to stay alert, and if needed, stop and take a break from driving every few hours.